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Not every solar company offers solar hot water, solar power, and battery storage. But then, not every solar company is Solahart.

And right now, you’ll get 50 months interest free on any Solahart system plus up to $3500 in government incentives.

It’s not just Solar, it’s Solahart.

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This is ground control to Solahart

After 365 days, the longest mission in project history, six crew members exited their Mars simulation habitat on slopes of Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii in August 2016. The crew lived in isolation in a geodesic dome set in a Mars-like environment as part of the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s fourth Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation, or HI-SEAS, project. The goal of HI-SEAS is to test what it would be like for people to live on Mars, and what the project designers call “team performance and cohesion” — or how a group of strangers might handle being stuck together for 12 months.

Whilst conducting research, the six crew members had to live in a dome, without fresh air, fresh food or privacy, wear a space-suit when outside the dome, work to avoid personal conflicts and lived with limited resources. One of the resources they did have was a fully functional Solahart Water Heater, supplied by our Solahart distributor, Hawaiian Solar and Plumbing. The story featured in the September edition of Time magazine.

First Powerwall for Solahart Melbourne

Wayne and Helen McColl contacted Solahart Melbourne earlier in the year and were very keen on learning about a Solahart PV and Tesla Powerwall package. With price being a consideration but not a driving factor, they decided to purchase a 6.12 kW System with Tesla Powerwall and had it installed in May 2016.

This was the first Tesla for the proud dealer who had planned to install the battery in the customer’s garage. The customer, who had a different idea, requested to have it installed on full display on a first level deck area. The customer was so excited and keen to see how the system was installed he took two days off work and, and even helped along the way!





We’ve put the Dubai sun to work at the Ibis

The second Ibis Hotel at Dubai’s World Trade Centre, has 588 rooms and targets a wide mix of international and regional businesses for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. The facility also offers three meeting rooms, a bar and the Ibis WOK & Co restaurant.

Our Dubai distributor Ecoval, was the supplier for Solahart Solar Hot Water for the first phase of the project and will also be involved in the second phase of the Ibis Hotel development at WTC. Phase one was completed in 2014 and has successfully attracted blue chip commercial tenants and single apartment owners. High demand is expected for phase two and Solahart and Ecoval are delighted to maintain involvement in this prestigious development. Although the design is not yet finalised, we are expecting the system will total approximately 40 collectors together with a 5,000 litre tank.

They sure breed ‘em tough in the West!

Darren from Solahart Albany recently updated a Solahart system that had been going strong for the same owners for 31 years.

Not to be outdone, Louie from Solahart Balcatta, the following week upgraded a 302L in the Perth suburb of Noranda after 38 years! The system was installed in 1978, the same year Louie finished his plumbing apprenticeship.

We always like hearing about long lived Solahart systems.  So, if you, or someone you know, has an old still functioning Solahart, why not let us know with a quick email to Solahart Marketing.

PS: Louie is still going strong and showing no sign of slowing down!

Cricket’s Fun under the Namibian sun

Our Solahart dealer in Namibia, Niko Brueckner, Namibian Engineering Corporation (NEC) – is a proud sponsor of a committed group of ex cricket players who came together to start the Green Mambas Cricket Club.

The club program offers school children access to senior players who invest their time helping and training them. The goal of the club is to continue to grow the love for cricket in Namibia. They also have two previously retired Namibian national players who play for them.

“On behalf of Green Mambas Cricket Club, thank you for being a generous sponsor to our club. Your sponsorship greatly assisted our newly formed club. We know that sponsoring sports clubs is not an easy task and we therefore appreciate your contribution.” Hannes Van Vuuren – Chairman Green Mambas Cricket Club.



A very green retirement

John and Robyn Willis retired and moved to Victoria from NSW a few years back. Nicely settled now and overlooking the Moonah Links golf course they decided to make an investment in the future and contacted Solahart. They are now the happy owners of a 5.1kW PV system and a Tesla Powerwall which were installed in July 2016.

Solahart Melbourne wish them many years of energy free from the sun!







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