Endeavour Energy PowerSavers Smart Hot Water


Solahart is committed to providing Australian homes with smart energy solutions and we are proud to be working with Endeavour Energy to provide a great offer for residents in the Endeavour Energy network. Get in quick, there’s only 50 places available.


Solahart PowerStore® Hot Water System

Australia’s first solar smart electric water heater, with a Home Energy Management System (HEMS)

Our Solahart PowerStore® takes excess energy from your solar power system and uses it to gradually heat water, rather than allowing the power to be fed back into the grid.  Like a battery, it stores energy – and more affordable. 

Having a PowerStore® Hot Water System with a HEMS, assists with predicting solar energy generation from your home’s solar power system by using seasonal and daily weather patterns and decides on when its best to use high energy consuming devices such as air conditioners and pool pumps.

Introducing the Solahart PowerStore

Why should you join the program? 

Customers who enrol and are accepted into the Endeavour Energy PowerSavers Smart Hot Water System plan and purchase a PowerStore® with a HEMS will receive a significant discount off the Recommended Retail Price, upfront.

Already a Solahart PowerStore® owner, with a HEMS? If you participate you will receive $200! (Issued in $50 increments over 12 months, issued in Visa gift cards for participating in the program).

To find out more and get started, call us on (02) 9684 3675.

How do you join?

  1. Register your interest with Endeavour Energy PowerSavers program here: Register Your Interest.
  2. After you’ve registered with Endeavour Energy, complete your online application with Solahart here: Solahart Application
  3. Once Endeavour Energy have confirmed your interest with Solahart, Endeavour Energy will issue you with an email confirming your place in the PowerSavers program.
  4. The full program terms and conditions are available here: Program Terms and Conditions