Before you purchase solar power, it pays to do your homework

Installing solar power is a great way to cut your energy bills. But with so many solar cowboys out there, it’s easy to be taken for a ride.

The Future is Bright for Solar

Every day, more and more sun-loving Australians are turning to solar for their energy needs. With over two million rooftop solar systems installed on Australian homes, and an average of 9500 solar panels installed daily, solar is no longer the way of the future; it’s the way of now. Solar energy is good for the value of your home, excellent for the environment and great for your bank balance, so it’s easy to see why going solar makes so much sense.

The Rise of the Solar Cowboys

The growing popularity of solar has unfortunately attracted many dodgy operators whose high-pressure sales tactics, inferior systems, unreliable service, and unproven track records have left many solar customers stranded. Since 2011, almost 700 solar companies have gone bust or are no longer trading, leaving about 650,000 “solar orphans” without support or warranties.

With this in mind, choosing a solar company you can trust is more important than ever.
To help you, here are five questions to ask before you invest in solar power.

1: Will your company be there for the long haul?

With so many fly-by-nighters out there, it’s important to choose a company with a proven track record. With over 65 years in solar and over one million solar systems installed, Solahart is the trusted name in Australian solar.

2: Will your company start with an on-site solar assessment?

Many solar companies are happy to give you a quote based on a satellite image. Solahart starts with a free on-site solar assessment. We’ll recommend the right system and the correct configuration that fits your budget and your energy consumption. Using a Solahart Savings Calculator, we’ll then estimate the savings you’ll make.

3: Is it a quality system?

When it comes to solar power, don’t lose sight of what really matters: quality, reliability, and trusted warranties. Solahart believes in the adage, “Buy well, buy once”. Every Solahart system uses world-leading inverters and high-efficiency solar panels that comply with strict Solahart specifications and are built to withstand harsh Australian conditions.

4: Is your system tested for performance and efficiency?

At Solahart, we’re famous for our thoroughness. Before a component is introduced to our range, it must meet strict quality standards. We test panels for optimum performance and efficiency using Solar Panel Flash test data and Electro-luminescence (EL) imaging. We only select panels that are proven to be resistant to Potential Induced Degradation (PID) and Light Induced Degradation (LID).

5: Who will install my new solar power system?

All Solahart Solar Power systems are installed by fully qualified, trained and experienced Solahart professionals. This means a trouble-free process and a system that will be connected safely and in accordance with industry guidelines. Every Solahart Solar Power installer is Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited and every Solahart dealer is part of the CEC retailer code of conduct scheme.


Since 1953, Solahart has been the trusted name in Australian solar. And because Solahart offers solar hot water, solar power, and battery storage, it’s your one-stop solar shop. 

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