As a valued Solahart customer, you are invited to participate in Project Symphony, Western Australia’s largest Virtual Power Plant (VPP) pilot.

This Virtual Power Plant will remotely co-ordinate a fleet of connected Solahart PowerStore water heaters, batteries and solar power systems installed in households in our region to manage the amount of energy being consumed and the amount being fed back into the grid at various times through the day.

The objective of the VPP is to show how the electricity system can be strengthened to continue providing reliable, secure and affordable power as we transition towards higher levels of renewable energy.

How does it work?

By participating in the program you are joining a VPP and agreeing to have your Solahart PowerStore managed remotely. When there is too much solar power being generated in the network (known as minimum demand), we will adjust your PowerStore to use more electricity from your solar system, and sometimes from the grid.

When there is too much demand for electricity in the network (known as peak demand), we will adjust your PowerStore to consume less electricity from the grid.

The same will apply for any other appliances you register including a battery, electric vehicle charger or PV system.

Who can participate?

To qualify for the program, you need to have installed a Solahart PowerStore smart water heater with a PV System and a Home Energy Management System. If you also have a home battery or an electric vehicle charger, these can be included in the VPP as well.

Who is behind the pilot?

This local pilot will be managed by Solahart, Rheem Australia and our partner, Combined Energy Technology. It is part of a collaboration between the Western Australian Government, Western Power, Synergy and the Australian Energy Market Operator.

How your service is protected

During the period of the pilot, your system will be controlled at various times to ensure that demand for electricity matches supply and the network remains strong.

As part of our management of the VPP, we will monitor your appliances in real time to ensure their reliable operation. For example, we can monitor how much hot water is stored in your tank to ensure you don’t run out of hot water.

While your service will be actively controlled, one of the key goals of the pilot, is that participants will not even notice that their system is being managed.

How to join the program

We are looking for 100 participants to join the program by 31 May 2023, so you’ll need to be quick to take advantage of this opportunity.

To register as a participant, click below to complete the form.

Project Symphony Further Details

Solahart Symphony VPP Pilot is designed to explore ways that homeowners can benefit from helping the electricity grid when it is under stress. The grid can become weaker when there is either too much demand (e.g. during the evening peak period), or when there is too little demand (e.g. on cool sunny days in areas with lots of rooftop solar).

The best way to strengthen the grid during times of peak demand is to move appliance energy use to other times of the day. As part of the pilot we will try to minimise your energy use during peak periods where possible. If you have a battery, we will occasionally export some of the stored energy at times when there will be maximum benefit for the grid. During times when there is too much solar in the grid and not enough demand, the most beneficial action is to use your PowerStore to consume more of your own solar power, reduce the amount of solar being produced or draw power from the grid instead. As part of the pilot we will occasionally react to extreme conditions with two levels of response:

“Zero export”: where your solar production will be reduced so that there is no power going to the grid, but your household loads will still be supplied using solar power.

“Maximum response”: where solar production will be stopped completely and your connected appliances will be told to draw power from the grid. Because of the number of factors affecting the stability of the grid, there will likely be some days where your system will not be impacted at all, while on other days your appliances may be called upon multiple times. Each time your appliances are controlled as part of the project there may be a small opportunity cost to you in the form of reduced export revenue or the purchase of additional grid energy. Our objective is to keep this opportunity cost to less than a dollar a day on average to ensure that you benefit from participating in the pilot.

Further information on the program benefits are explained here:

Solahart Symphony VPP Terms & Conditions