Victorian residents set to save $2,100 a year by switching to solar

As a family of five living on a larger property in Victoria’s north-eastern suburbs, the rising energy costs from powering the mainly electric property was becoming an increasingly significant annual cost.

To help protect themselves from the rising cost of living, the King Family decided it was the right time to make the switch and install an integrated and expandable solar system with Solahart – and are now set to save thousands of dollars in household bills.

Using Victorian government rebates and the help of Solahart Eastern Ranges, the Kings have created a whole new solar ecosystem at home. The family is expected to save $2,100 this year alone – and significantly reduce their emissions.

The not-so-simple brief

The King’s property is run entirely on electricity, and while some auxiliary services are run on independent solar panels, a more integrated approach with expansion capability was key for the family.

The family turned to Solahart Eastern Ranges to find a sustainable, cost-effective solar solution to meet their energy needs. The family had always envisioned being purely powered by solar, but with their solid-black roof, didn’t believe that a solution could be found that would meet their energy requirements while suiting the home’s unique look.

We were already using solar to heat our pool and we wanted to expand our use of solar throughout our home. However, we wanted a PV system that would be able to support our growing energy needs while complementing the unique dark aesthetic of our house,” says Julie King.

Luckily, the team at Solahart Eastern Ranges were up for the challenge. They installed a 13.32 kW PV system with Solahart’s attractive black Silhouette panels, and a SolarEdge Genesis inverter that seamlessly integrated into the roof.

Cutting energy bills further with smart home energy management

For total control of their new solar system, Solahart Eastern Ranges added a Solahart energy management unit. This allows the Kings to monitor and manage their energy usage through their smart device to help maximise savings.

“The home management unit is such a helpful tool. It allows us to see how much money we’re saving through the PV solar system and when we’re generating the most solar. This means that we’ll run certain appliances when we’re producing the most solar energy and end up paying significantly less for the power used,” says Julie.

Since building their new solar ecosystem with Solahart, the Kings have reduced their reliance on the grid and are estimated to save over $2,100 dollars within the first year.

“Along with the incredible savings we’re seeing, we’re thrilled that we chose the team at Solahart Eastern Ranges as they were absolute professionals. They kept us very well informed the whole way through the process, from pricing that incorporated our government rebates, all the way through to the unique and attractive design of our new PV system,” concludes Julie.

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