Mark, Yarrawonga VIC

Residing in the small town of Yarrawonga in Regional Victoria, Mark faced a 600-kilometre round trip every fortnight servicing his customer base in Melbourne. He moved his home and online CPA accountancy practice regionally during COVID. Given this significant commute, Mark was looking for a renewable energy solution to help reduce his carbon footprint and fuel costs.

When weighing the pros and cons of purchasing an electric vehicle (EV), he knew part of his investment would need to include a cost-efficient energy system at home to support it.

After consulting with the experts at Solahart Eastern Ranges, Mark decided to install a solar system at home, including one key product – Solahart’s new Fimer Flexa AC Wallbox EV Charger.

Thanks to Solahart, Mark has calculated that he is set to save over $4,500 per annum on household energy bills and at least $9,000 each year in petrol costs. His EV and solar system will also reduce Mark’s carbon footprint by 75 per cent, and he has worked out that the savings will help pay off his brand-new Tesla – valued at over $85,000 – in just under seven years.

Solar-powered electrification drives significant savings

To kick off Mark’s solar journey on his one-storey, five-bedroom home, Solahart Eastern Ranges installed a 9.6kW system comprising 24 Solahart SunCell panels, a GoodWe 8.5kW Single-Phase Inverter, and a Solahart Home Energy Management System (HEMS).

The final piece of his Solahart ecosystem was the addition of a new Fimer 7.4kW Single-Phase EV Charger.

“I had wanted to invest in an electric vehicle for many years due to the environmental benefits, especially given my long commute to Melbourne to support my customer base there. It wasn’t until I learned about Solahart’s new smart EV Charger offering that could work with and maximise energy generated from my Solahart system at home, that this dream could finally become financially viable,” says Mark Pharoah.

The EV charger works with Mark’s new solar power system, using energy free from the sun to charge his long-range Tesla.

“Without a doubt, the best decision I have made for both my wallet and the planet is investing in a new solar system with EV charging capabilities. While there is a financial investment upfront, I can’t recommend enough to incorporate an EV and charger into your solar set-up. You’ll be surprised at how easy and affordable it is to charge your vehicle at home.

“Not only are you reducing carbon emissions significantly, but thanks to the reduction in energy bills, you’ll begin to pay off both your solar system and EV immediately. It’s a no-brainer,” concludes Mark Pharoah.

Solahart’s new EV offering

The Fimer Flexa AC Wallbox (7.4kW or 22kW) is an Italian-made electric vehicle charger designed for residential and commercial residences. It allows Aussies to charge their electric vehicle quickly, simply, and safely.

It can be operated manually as a simple stand-alone EV charger or coupled with a Solahart Home Energy Management System to operate as a smart device.

According to Mark Baker, who heads up Solahart Eastern Ranges, Mr Pharoah is an example of a clever Aussie taking advantage of clean, innovative solar technology.

“Solahart’s new EV charger offering is smart energy technology personified. You can link it with your solar system with the push of a button to create a fully integrated ecosystem and maximise the solar energy you generate. 


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