Thanks to the Federal Government’s new HomeBuilder program, you could now add solar to your renovation or new home. With $25,000 grants available, it’s the perfect opportunity to future-proof your home, cut your energy bills and make a real difference to the planet. To start your smart-energy future today, talk to Solahart.


The Australian Government’s “HomeBuilder” grant provides an opportunity for homeowners to go solar


In 2020, the Australian Federal Government announced a $25,000 grant, known as HomeBuilder, for eligible owner-occupiers to help build a new home or substantially renovate their home.

Recently, the government extended the construction commencement requirement from six months to 18 months. The grant is in place to help support jobs and homeowners, as the building industry has faced uncertainty over the last 18 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A great time to go solar

The HomeBuilder grant provides eligible homeowners with the opportunity to add a complete solar package solution including solar hot water, solar power and battery storage to complement their renovation plans. 

Going solar is a great way to do just that by investing in technology that could deliver great benefits for you and your family, including:

So, if you’re planning an extensive renovation, this could be a great time to future-proof your home and invest in solar and battery storage technology to help you reduce your bills now and continue saving for years to come.

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