Solar Hot Water Adelaide

It is an exaggeration to say Australia enjoys 365 days of sunshine a year, however there are some pockets of the country that aren’t far off and Adelaide has its fair share. Speak with a local Adelaide Solahart Expert to understand how you can realise big savings on your energy bills, and reduce your carbon footprint, all by harnessing the sun’s free energy.

Why team up with Solahart to make your solar decisions? Because we are world leaders in solar technologies. Whether you need solar power or solar hot water for your home or your business, Solahart has a local presence in Adelaide to assist you.

We released our first solar product in 1953 and over this time we have installed over One million solar systems in more than 70 countries. Our Solahart experts will work alongside you to understand your home’s layout, your typical hot water and energy use and then recommend the best solar solution for you. We are experts in roof top solar systems, split system solar water heaters and heat pumps.

Roof Top Solar Systems

Keep your solar panels and storage tank mounted to the roof in one place, with a roof top solar system. The solar panels are coated with a heat-absorbent material that draws in the sun's energy, using it to heat the fluid stored within the collectors. As the fluid warms up the heat is transferred into the adjacent tank providing hot water for later use.

Split Solar Systems

If you have limited roof space, a streamline split solar hot water system may be a better fit. Although the panels are also roof mounted, the storage tank is kept at ground level either indoors or outdoors. This minimises the visual impact of going solar, whilst still maximising the potential savings from the sun.

Heat Pump Systems

Solahart can help you to better understand what is and isn’t possible given any space restrictions, shading, or climate issues. Where these factors are an issue, your local Adelaide Solahart Expert may recommend a heat pump. Working year-round, both day and night regardless of the weather, a heat pump draws energy from the surrounding air and then transfers this energy to the water in the storage tank.

Call 1300 721 984 to speak with your local Adelaide Solahart Expert to request a free in-home solar assessment, or simply complete the form below and your nearest Solahart Adelaide Expert will contact you.

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