Emergency Hot Water Today - Ready for Solar Tomorrow

Solahart Streamline Solar-Ready is a dual-purpose electric water heater for people who need hot water in a hurry and are considering going solar in the future.

Our Solar-Ready Tank provides a solution to get homeowners back in hot water quickly in an emergency, with options to upgrade to a renewable alternative as a solar hot water system.

The unique features of this product are that it can be:

  1. Installed as an electric water heater replacement 
  2. Upgraded to a solar water heater at a later stage with the addition of solar collectors
  3. Installed as a solar water heater from day one

1. Install it as an electric water heater replacement 

No hot water? No worries!

If you have ever had your day ruined because of hot water problems, you will understand the need to get back into hot water fast.

As a like-for-like replacement of an equivalent-size electric water heater, the solar-ready tank will provide immediate hot water to your home when installed as a standard (3.6kW) electric water heater, making it a perfect solution for emergency replacement of an existing electric hot water system.

To future-proof your hot water investment, this emergency solution provides you with upgradable options to make the switch to a renewable water heater when you are ready. 

These water heaters are available in two sizes, 250 litres rated delivery (270 litres storage capacity) and 315 litres rated delivery (320 litres storage capacity), and come with a 10-year cylinder warranty.*

2. Upgrading to solar hot water is easy

Once you are back in hot water and ready to consider your options, whether it’s in a couple of months or a couple of years, your solar-ready electric water heater can easily be upgraded to a solar hot water system. 

All you have to do is contact your local Solahart Dealer to organise the installation of rooftop solar collectors and a Solar Upgrade Kit to the pre-existing water and electrical connections on the solar-ready tank. Once you upgrade your electric water heater and make the switch to solar, under current Regulations you can still take advantage of generous government incentives that are available in the form of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs).

Now, as a solar hot water system, solar-ready provides enhanced freeze protection^, utilising an electronically controlled backup frost element for cold weather conditions. It also comes with an in-built electric booster for reliable hot water when the weather is not favourable. 

You can now enjoy significant savings on your energy use and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions with Hot Water Free From the Sun

3. Install it as a solar water heater from day one

If you are ready to go solar and your hot water replacement is not an emergency, why not take advantage of this new 10-year warranty* Streamline solar hot water system?

The new Solahart Streamline solar water heater can provide an increase in solar energy savings; water heating energy use may be reduced by up to 65% to 75% and could save up to 1.0 to 2.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum when replacing an electric water heater in zone 3.#

This system is available with two types of solar collectors: The L collector for use in medium to high solar gain areas, and the higher efficiency CSA2007 Envelope collector that is suitable for use in lower solar gain areas and higher altitude locations (recommended for over 300m).

These open-circuit systems have enhanced recirculating freeze protection, utilising an electronically controlled back-up frost element for cold weather conditions.
They can be installed at altitudes up to 600m in Australia and are not suitable for harsh water areas.^

Why a Solahart Solar-Ready Water Heater is a Smart Choice

 Get back into hot water quickly

 Designed to operate as a single-element (3.6kW) electric water heater

 Features a high-quality durable vitreous enamel-lined tank

 Comes with built-in solar circuit inlet and outlet connections

 Allows easy upgrade to a solar water heater in the future

Take advantage of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) when you upgrade (under current Regulations)

Enjoy a 10-year cylinder warranty*, for peace-of-mind 

Download the Solar Ready brochure here or the Solar Water Heater System upgrade brochure here.

Yes, I'd like to know more about this new Solahart product

To find out more about our great new product, or to get an accurate in-home solar assessment, please call 1300 721 984 or fill in your details below.

The following errors were found:

* Solahart Warranty Details: 10/3/2 warranty; 10 year cylinder and collector supply, 3 year cylinder and collector labour, 2 year parts supply including labour; applies to a single family domestic dwelling only. All other applications have a 3/1/1/1 warranty; 3 year cylinder and collector supply, 1 year parts supply, 1 year labour.

# Energy savings of up to 65% to 75% shown are based on Australian Government approved TRNSYS simulation modelling of a Solahart 322RLX and 322RCS07X and using a medium load in Zone 3 and apply when replacing an electric water heater. Any savings will vary depending upon your location, type of Solahart system installed, orientation and inclination of the solar collectors, type of water heater being replaced, hot water consumption and fuel tariff. Maximum financial savings off your hot water bill are achievable when replacing an electric water heater on a continuous tariff. Refer to solahart.com.au for more information.

^ Enhanced Frost Protection – these systems have a level of enhanced recirculating freeze protection designed to guard against freeze conditions. These systems are suitable to be installed at an altitude not exceeding 600 m above sea level. Harsh water regions – the Solahart warranty may not apply if the water heater is connected to a water supply which: is scaling with a saturation index >+0.8, or; is corrosive with a saturation index <-1.0, or; has a Total Dissolved Solids content >2500mg/L.