Commercial Solar Power - An easy way to reduce energy costs

Up to $65,000 in Government incentives now available to offset the cost of your commercial solar project+

One of the most effective ways to take control of a business’s rising energy costs is to install a commercial solar power system.

With the price of electricity skyrocketing over the last few years, budgets are being adversely impacted. However, this has made the case for solar stronger than ever.

Solahart offers a comprehensive range of solar hot water and solar power solutions for residential and commercial customers, and we are also at the forefront of battery storage technology. Our commercial solar offering is built on over 65 years of experience in solar, where our research and development, quality control and passion for the growth of renewables around the world is second to none. We have sold over 1M systems since 1953, and you will find Solahart systems installed in over 80 countries.

Solahart specialises in solar solutions for organisations large and small and our focus on offering the best advice is underpinned by our proprietary savings estimator which is attached to all our quotations. This tool provides you with the confidence to make a sound financial decision for your business, based on an estimated return on investment. And our finance solutions (subject to approval) that require no up-front capital investment, could make the transition to solar even easier.

The cost of solar power systems have fallen significantly over the last few years, and government incentives are still available^. However, the price should not be the only factor when considering solar for your organisation: you want expert advice, quality products and trusted warranties, from a company that will be around for the long haul.

There are also industries which have reduced their hot water energy bills by installing solar hot water, such as hotels, resorts and clubs, and Solahart has extensive experience in this area.

Contact Solahart today to join the growing list of businesses and industries currently taking control of their electricity bills, with energy free from the sun.

Unrivalled for Quality and Performance

Because of their unrivalled quality, high efficiency, and performance, Solahart Solar Power commercial systems deliver remarkable savings from day one.

Take control of ever increasing energy costs and generate your own power, improve your bottom line and watch the savings accumulate, while adding more value to your organisation’s environmental credentials. 

Suitable for any business that consumes most of their power during daylight hours and is trying to reduce their energy bills: single or multi-site, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, government, mining, health & aged care, child care, trades, logistics, transport, education, retail, etc.

By bringing together globally recognised QCells solar panels with world-class SolarEdge and SMA inverters, Solahart provides commercial solar power systems that are second to none.


Only harsh Australian environment demands quality solar power components. The Q.ANTUM solar module Q.PLUS L-G4.2 is the strongest module of its type on the market globally. Powered by 72 Q CELLS solar cells, Q.PLUSL-G4.2 was specially designed for large solar power plants to reduce BOS costs. With innovative all-weather technology and extreme weather ratings, the Q Cells panel maintains optimal yields, whatever the weather with excellent low-light and temperature behaviour.



Our commercial inverter technology partnership is only with SMA and SolarEdge.

With over 35 years of solar experience, SMA inverters have become the industry standard for the global solar power industry. Their highly efficient energy conversion ensures maximum performance even under extreme ambient conditions, offering a reliable and self-sufficient supply of energy, free from the sun.

SolarEdge entered the commercial inverter market with their range of module-optimised solutions. This technology enables superior power generation and performance monitoring at module level, providing incredible system design flexibility and improved safety. These additional features are making systems more popular in large-scale commercial and industrial installations.

To help you take control, reduce costs and make a VERY measurable difference to your organisation, our approach offers a simple three-step process:


Plan, Design, Deliver

Product & Proposal

The Solutions phase commences with a no cost, obligation-free site assessment. Here, we evaluate and collect data on the specific property location, orientation, solar gain potential, power consumption usage and profile. In parallel, we assess a potential solar power system design and map its production potential and savings.

We then provide you with a detailed proposal and viability, along with its financial benefits, ROI and environmental deliverables. Our customised system projects are uniquely designed to maximise your incentives and your return.

For the entire project, safety, warranties and a constant high-performance output is central to our final design. We consistently go to great lengths to ensure Solahart’s exacting standards are achieved on every project.

Asset Management

Finance & Funding Solutions

ROI & Cash Flow Management

Our Asset Management tools enable selective sourcing and benchmark ‘best fit’ funding solutions. These products, often incorporate “Clean Energy Finance” to further optimise return on investment, while improving cash flow.

Low cost, long-term Finance can be arranged with no upfront cash investment. Energy cost savings typically exceed the monthly finance payments, providing an immediate and positive cash flow benefit. In fact, it is so good, many clients gain automatic approval or have minimal documentation requirements.

Simply choose the preferred option from the following financial products;

  • Commercial Loan / Chattel Mortgage
  • Hire Purchase or Finance Lease
  • Equipment Rental / Operating Lease


Installation & Commissioning

Operation, Monitoring & Maintenance

Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers, industry-leading warranties, coupled with the very best products deliver a complete and confident project outcome, every time.

Commissioning, handover and training, are all part of the standard service. We can operate, maintain and monitor your solar power system to ensure it upholds its peak performance. Preventative maintenance, detailed system management, performance and analysis are all part of the comprehensive solution. Remote, full visibility is available anytime, anywhere, right down to panel level monitoring and for the life of the system. Automated alerts on system issues with graphical views and automated performance reports with enhanced remote capabilities are all part of the service.

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^Government incentives in the form of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs). STCs financial benefit value is subject to change. Please refer to for further details.
+The STC point of sale incentive reduces upfront cost by as much as $65,000. The actual amount varies and is directly related to system size, project location and installation date. The $65,000 example is based on a 100kW system in Sydney NSW with 1796 x STC units at a price of $36.20 per STC units (correct as at 26th June 2018), subject to change. Reference: Clean Energy Regulator website