Solar Hot Water Brisbane

Australia is a country that enjoys abundant sunshine and Brisbane is no exception as the capital of the Sunshine State. This makes Brisbane the perfect place to install solar hot water and solar power to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Solahart is a world-leading provider of solar solutions. Since launching our first solar water heater in 1953, we’ve gone on to install over One million systems in more than 70 countries. Today, we offer a range of residential and commercial solar hot water solutions including roof top solar water heaters, split systems and heat pumps. We also offer a broad range of solar power (PV) systems.

Roof Top Solar Systems

Roof top solar water heaters are designed with the storage tank and solar collectors installed together on the roof. The system works by transferring the sun’s energy into fluid in the solar collectors which use an efficient heat-absorbent coating. The heated fluid then circulates to the adjacent storage tank where it is ready for use.

Split Solar Systems

Split system solar water heaters operate with the collectors on the roof and the storage tank located at ground level. The in-built solar controller regulates the flow of water between the solar collectors and the storage tank to maximise solar gain.

Heat Pump Systems

Some houses may not be suitable for a solar water heater, in which case a heat pump may be the best solution. Heat pumps extract energy from the air and convert it to hot water. Heat pumps work year-round, both day and night.

Solar Power (PV)

In addition to solar hot water, Solahart also has solar power solutions to reduce your reliance on grid generated electricity. A solar power system as compact as 10 square metres could contribute 30% of the energy needed to power the average Australian home.

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