Solar Hot Water Bundaberg

The average Australian household is always looking for ways to reduce their energy bills. Research indicates that approximately 25% of household energy consumption is due to water heating, so it makes sense to trim costs there first.

Upgrading from electric hot water systems to one of Solahart Bundaberg’s solar solutions is a quick and efficient route to achieve reduced costs and a lower carbon footprint.

Australians are blessed to live in a sun-rich country, therefore it stands to reason that solar hot water is both convenient and cost effective. Furthermore, Solahart solutions are industry-leading and backed by over 60 years’ experience. In fact, in that time we have manufactured more than 1 million solar systems for customers in over 70 countries. The good news is that Solahart Bundaberg, our local Solar Expert although based in Bundaberg they also service surrounding areas, . so will be happy to come to you and offer a free in-home solar quote.

Roof Top Solar System

If you would like to install the complete system on the roof to free up space around your home, then a roof top solar system is the solution for you. The panels are coated with a heat-absorbent substance which when warmed by the sun’s rays transfers this heat to the fluid in the solar panels. As the liquid is heated it rises to the top of the panel and then enters the tank replacing colder water which then flows back to the bottom of the panels. This cycle continues over and over again providing hot water when needed.

Split Solar System

If you have insufficient roof space a split solar hot water heater may be a better option. With the solar panels on the roof, the storage tank can be installed in a suitable ground location.

Solar Power

Solahart Bundaberg also offers Solahart’s complete range of solar power systems to power your home. Solar power, or PV is a great way to reduce your reliance on grid connected power and protect yourself against further electricity price increases. Solahart solar power systems come with a comprehensive Solahart warranty providing you with peace of mind.

To better understand which system is best for your home call 1300 721 984 to speak with Solahart Bundaberg to arrange a free solar quote. Or simply complete the form below and Solahart Bundaberg will contact you.

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