Solar Hot Water Canberra

Australia’s climate is ideal for harnessing the sun to produce hot water or to power your home. Installing Solahart solar hot water and solar power systems (otherwise known as PV) are two great ways to save on energy use and reduce your carbon footprint.

Solahart has over 60 years experience in the solar industry, making them Australia’s pioneers in solar, so you can be sure of expert advice. We produced our first solar product in 1953, and have since installed over One million units in more than 70 countries. Solahart Canberra provides comprehensive service and installation expertise. They will come to your home to review your energy and hot water use and assess the layout of your home, to ensure they provide you with the best solar solution for your needs.

Roof Top Solar System

If you have ample free roof space, the sky’s the limit regarding your solar options. Our roof top systems for example, work by mounting the solar panels and storage tank together on the roof. The collectors draw the sun’s energy into fluid in the solar collectors, then the heated fluid circulates the adjacent storage tank.

Split Solar System

If you have limited roof space or you prefer a more streamline look, then a split system solar water heater may be the best solution. Whilst the solar panels are also mounted on the roof, the storage tank is located at ground level. Meanwhile a built-in controller ensures continuous water circulates between the solar panels and the storage tank.

Heat Pump System

If your home has limited roof space or roof shading issues, your local Canberra Solahart Expert may suggest a heat pump as an alternative source of sustainable hot water. Heat Pumps have the advantage of being able to operate when the sun is not shining (by drawing heat from the surrounding air rather than directly from the sun), enabling them to operate day and night regardless of the weather.

To better understand your solar needs, whether solar hot water or solar power, schedule a free solar assessment with your local Canberra Solahart Expert. Call 1300 721 984 to request your free solar assessment for your home, or simply complete the form below and Solahart Canberra will contact you.

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