Solar Hot Water Gladstone

If, like in many Australian households you’re eager to make savings where you can, it’s important to closely examine your energy bills including how much your gas or electric water heater costs you to run. Water heating accounts for around 25% of a household's energy consumption. Solahart’s solar solutions can save you both energy and money whilst at the same time assist you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Australia enjoys plenty of sunshine which makes the use of solar power a cost-effective energy choice. As an industry leader, Solahart launched their first solar solution over 60 years ago and have since installed more than One million solar systems in over 70 countries around the world. Whether you are looking to change your existing gas or electric water heater, or you are building a new home, Solahart Gladstone can recommend the best solar solution for your needs. That may be a roof top solar system, a split solar system, a heat pump or a solar power (PV) system.

Roof Top Solar System

Many home owners either don’t have the ground space for a storage tank or would simply prefer it to be installed out of the way, and there’s nowhere more out of the way than the roof. A roof top solar system has the solar panels and the storage tank mounted closely together on the roof. Thanks to a specially designed energy absorbing material, the solar collectors heat the fluid and then transfer it to the adjoining tank ready for use.  

Split Solar System

If you prefer to position your solar water heater out of sight, Solahart Gladstone may recommend a split system instead. The two-part system includes roof-mounted solar collectors and a storage tank located at ground level. The system has a built-in solar controller and circulator to move the water between the solar collectors and the tank.

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