Solar Hot Water Melbourne

​Whilst many parts of Australia enjoy consistent sunshine, there are households in cooler climates that can also benefit from installing solar power and solar hot water.

By upgrading from a standard gas or electric water heater to a solar water heater, you will not only reduce your household's energy use and save money, but also lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Your local Melbourne Solahart Expert can conduct a free in-home solar suitability assessment, which includes gauging the suitability of your roof for solar and looking closely at your current energy bills. The free in-home solar suitability assessment will highlight ways to harness the sun’s energy to save you money.

Solahart is one of the driving forces of the Australian solar industry, and today we’re a global business. We entered the solar hot water market in 1953, and have since installed over One million solar systems in more than 70 countries.

Today, our complete solar energy solutions include roof top solar systems, split solar systems, heat pumps and solar power (PV) systems.

Roof Top Solar System

If your home has a suitable orientation, a roof top solar system may be your best option. The solar panels and the storage tank are mounted together and fixed to the roof as one complete system. The collectors are coated with a special heat absorbing material to ensure they take in the maximum amount of solar energy. The fluid within the collectors is heated and transferred into the attached tank ready for later use.

Split Solar System

If you would prefer not to have the solar tank on the roof, we can install a split solar system. Whilst the solar panels are roof mounted, the storage tank sits at ground level. A built-in controller and circulator ensures the most efficient flow between the panels and the tank.

Heat Pump System

Your local Melbourne Solahart Expert may recommend a heat pump which would provide you with a better sustainable energy solution than solar hot water, due to a number of reasons such as, lack of roof space or roof shading issues. Having direct solar exposure is not essential for heat pump operation which means they can operate regardless of the weather; rain, hail or shine and they also work at night.

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