Customer testimonials - Lyons Family,

Real people talk about real Solahart Savings.

The Lyons are not a paid actors. They are real people who purchased a Solahart Solar Hot Water system and a Solar Power (PV) system. In this video testimonial they talk about their experiences with Solahart, and how much they have saved on their power bill since installing a the two systems.

In sun-soaked Australia, there’s every reason to utilise solar power to light up your home and give you long, hot showers, all while saving you money on energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

Schedule a consultation with your local Solahart Expert to gain a better understanding of the kind of savings you could enjoy by simply harnessing the sun’s free energy through solar hot water.

Solahart are world leaders in the solar industry. Solahart helped to pioneer solar power in Australia and abroad, releasing their first product in 1953. Since then Solahart have installed over 1 million units in more than 70 countries.